"Hey, BC! Wanna make a purple alliance?" -- Balloon, The Quest For The Lost Pencil


Bg smile
Voiced by DormLifeOfficial/Slash10053
Gender Female
Species Balloon
Team Team Purple
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Blackcurrant (One-sided on her side)
Enemies Blackcurrant, Ketchup, Mustard (One-sided on their sides)
Color Purple, Black

Balloon, labled The Limbless Purple Joy, is a female contestant on Object Land and the first to create an alliance


Balloon a limbless, female contestant on Object Land and a member of Team Toilet Paper. She is best friends with Straw and (so she believes) Blackcurrent Juice. She and him both have their own secret purple alliance, due to her obsession with the colour purple. Despite Blackcurrent refused her offer to join, Balloon see's him as an avid member and a close friend, but in reality he despises her deeply.

Balloon is usually always happy and tries to see the best in everyone and everything, except maybe when she's in a life or death situation. She's also a bit thick and clueless as seen in The Quest for the Lost Pencil yet very loveable and sweet.


The Quest for the Lost PencilEdit

Balloon is first seen with her best friend Straw her offers her a drink (despite the fact he doesn't really have any...) and also with Cheese. Later on in the challenge, she's eliminated quite early after Blackcurrent pops her out of irritation. Straw chooses her to be on Team Toilet Paper, which then leads her to choose her 'best friend' Blackcurrent, to which Blackcurrent reacts negatively. During the team challenge, Balloon is then delight to hear she'll be working with Blackcurrent in the challenge, and is shown mentioning the alliance again while they're searching the desert. There's also a deleted scene for this challenge with her speaking to Straw:

Balloon: Urgh, I've never been good at keeping secrets!

Straw: Secrets? What secrets?

Balloon: Black current and I have a secret alliance!

Straw: Cool, can I join?

Balloon: No... sorry. Its purple's only.

Straw: Oh. Isnt that... kinda racist?

Musical MayhemEdit

Balloon isn't seen much in this episode, or in the teams music video. She's only in one scene, confusing Cola with Blackcurrent and nearly giving away her 'Secret Purple Alliance'

Come dine with meEdit

Balloon was in the Bottom 3, but was declared safe. When Team Purple lost again, it was revealed in a flashback that Balloon annoyed Ketchup and Mustard to the point of Mustard popping her, which is when the Recovery Pads were revealed.


  • Balloon and Asteroid are the first limbless contestants to join the show
  • She's also the first to make an alliance