"Actually, with the legs, you are approximately 33.285233489019385739314777777701 centimeters" -- Calculator, The Quest For The Lost Pencil

Calculator OL
Voiced by DormLifeOfficial/Slash10053
Gender Male
Species Calculator
Team Team Lollipop
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Ruler, Eggy
Enemies Cola, Bowling Ball, Blackcurrant
Color Grey, Red, Green

Calculator, labeled 'The Number Nerd' is a male contestant on Object Land.


Calculator is the smartest contestant on Object Land. He is a bright overanalyst who specializes in "Anything to do with numbers".


The Quest for the Lost PencilEdit

After Ruler tells Eggy that 30cm isn't that tall, Calculator corrects his and counting his legs, estimates his height at "33.285233489019385739314777777701 centimeters". After telling Eggy the chances of pushing him off, Eggy pushes Ruler off after he tells him about how he doesn't think it's even a percent, while Calculator wonders if it's something he said moments before getting pushed off by Lollipop. He gets chosen on Team Gumball.

Musical MayhemEdit

At the elimination, he tied with Tack for the second most likes, and was declared safe with only one dislike.

Come dine with meEdit

Calculator was chosen to do the challenge. While Blackcurrant was too busy eating junk food, Calculator calculated the amount of time he would take to eat it. When BC had just one fry left to eat, he vomited, earning one point for Calculator and his team.


  • His voice was edited to sound robotic.