"Oh no, oh no, the guilt is seeping in!" -- Tack, The Quest For The Lost Pencil

Voiced by DormLifeOfficial/Slash10053
Gender Male
Species Pin
Team Team Lollipop
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Crayon, Asteroid, Gumball, Cheese
Enemies Lollipop
Color Blue, Grey

Tack, labeled 'The nice one' is a male contestant on Object Land.


Tack is one of the nicest guys on the show. He maybe a bit clumsy but is a great friend. If he does something bad or hurtful to sometimes he gets extremely guilty. His best friend is Crayon, and is a bit close to Asteroid and is the only person who knows it's gender too.


The Quest for the Lost PencilEdit

Tack is first seen talking to Bowling Ball as his usual nice person, and is grateful that asteroid saved Crayon. Later, in the challenge, Tack accidentally pushes Crayon off then falls off himself in guilt. He is then chosen to join Gumballs team, due to him being nice. After that he's only seen once in the Team challenge, searching the forest with Crayon, but he's in two deleted scenes in the episode.

Musical MayhemEdit

Tack is first seen at the elimination, looking unhappy, and sitting next to Crayon who doesn't seem to care. He ties second place with Calculator for the prize, and is very unhappy to hear most people didn't know his name or gender. Also, during the challenge, he plays a big part as the main rapper during the music video.

Come dine with meEdit

Tack was chosen to do the eating contest. In the second round, he went against Straw. They had to eat Lava Rocks, which were harder to eat than the previous junk food, as described by Emerald. Although Straw ate one, he was set ablaze by the lava rocks and died, earning one point for Tack and his team.


  • He shares resemblence to BFDI's pin except he's a blue tack (or thumbtack known to some)
  • He's the only one to know asteroids gender.
  • He's the only one to not yet have gotten a vote
  • In Object Madness,there is another contestant named Tack,but OM Tack has Irish Accent,while OL Tack speaks normal