the quest for the lost pencil is the 1st episode of the series object land it was made in (insert date episode was made in here) in the episode mustard and ketchup are talking then lollipop interups there talking by saying (you too what are you doing) ketchup tells lollipop (whats it look like were doing) lollipop then says that she thought that they were going too watch her do her hair toilet paper then comes over and says (uhhh you have no hair) lollipop then throws a cake at toilet paper pizza comes in and says she has no rights to do that lollipop then says (do you want to be next pizza) bowling ball cola and bc are in the next scene bowling ball says (god i hate this place) cola says (same) and bc says (whatever) tack then comes over and says (come on guys its not that bad) bowling ball says that it sucks and it makes him want to punch somebody cola then says (how about that crayon guy over there he dosent say anything) bowling ball gets to crayon and trys to punch crayon but gets hurt by astroid (this page is unfinished please remove this word if you finish it)